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Kiln Hire
Do you have clay work that you need to fire? I have a large kiln available for hire at my home studio near Liverpool City Centre.


How big is the kiln?

Diameter 59.3cm x Height 68.5cm

It can fit quite a lot of work in it. It holds about 60 mugs for a glaze firing, more for a bisque.

What temperatures do you fire?

For bisque firings, we fire to 1000C (cone 06)

For glaze firings, we fire at 1260C (cone 6)

The kiln can be fired to a different temperature for decals or lustre

Please note that it is your responsibility to check the correct firing temperature for your clay and glazes. Firing clay and glazes at the wrong temperatures can damage the kiln and, if sharing the kiln, other people’s work. If you are not sure, please check the packaging and discuss with us first.

How do I book?

Please send me an email, containing the following information:

  • Is it a bisque, glaze or decal firing?

  • How much work do you have to fire?

  • If bisque firing, what type of clay is it and what temperature does the manufacturer recommend for firing?

  • If for glaze or decal, what temperature does the manufacturer recommend for firing? If instructions state ramp or soak, please send this too.

Firing ceramics can be complicated and is a science. If you’re unsure of anything, please send me a photo or screenshot of the weblink where I can find details.

How much does it cost to hire?

Full kiln: £60

Half kiln: £30 (not available for lustre or decals)

How long will the firing take?

We fire the kiln according to demand and will also try to ensure that the kiln is as full as it can possibly be, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact and to keep firing costs down for everyone.

A bisque firing will take around 15 hours from start to cool.

A glaze firing will take around 24 hours from start to cool.

A decal or lustre firing will take around 15 hours from start to cool.

Times are approximate only and are subject to change. 

Once your work is fired, we will arrange a suitable collection time. Due to limited space, we will only store work for 10 days. Any uncollected work will be disposed of after this date.


How do I pay?

Due to enquirers booking and not turning up on the day, payment must be made to secure your booking. Payment details will be provided to you.

Where do I drop work off?

Details will be confirmed in an email or message to you.

What happens if the work gets damaged in the kiln?

We take great care loading and handling everyone’s work. We make sure it is dry enough for firing. If we are unsure about a piece of work then we may contact you for more information before firing. Sadly, on occasion, damage may happen due to the delicate nature of ceramics. Work fired in a shared kiln may also damage or be damaged by the work next to it. If you are particularly worried about this, it may be better to book a full kiln for yourself. RMo Studio would not be liable for any compensation for damaged work.


To help the kiln loading run smoothly please come prepared: 

  • All greenware must be bone dry. 

  • All bases or bottoms must be free from glaze. Work will not be fired without a clean base. If the bases are not clean of glaze, this will run onto the kiln shelf and you will be liable for damages. A kiln shelf costs £45.

  • If you have used a runny or drippy glaze, please provide your own sacrificial clay slabs or tiles to fire under pieces. Glaze will run onto that instead of the kiln shelf.

  • Bring your own packaging materials. All work should be adequately packaged to avoid damages.

  • You will be asked to sign a document containing our kiln booking terms and conditions once hire has been arranged

Firings and accidental damage:

Any damages caused to the kiln or kiln furniture may be subject to an additional fee and liability to cover repair costs. While all care is taken when handling your work, RMo Studio is not responsible for any breakages or glaze mishaps that occur during the firing.

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch with us in advance of your firing.

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